Water extraction is the process of reducing the amount of water damage which occurs after a flood or leak. This prevents additional damage by performing appropriate actions. Usually, water extraction is needed during plumbing failures or when such storms occur and cause water to rush into your home. Warped flooring, soaked rugs, damaged walls, and ruined furniture are only a few results when this is not acted on accordingly.

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Below are the specific steps to be followed to reduce and prevent further property destruction.

Steps to take as soon as you detect flood damage:

  1. Keep calm to think clearly.
  2. Close the main water valve or shut off any water source so flooding stops.
  3. Call the Flood Pro Florida, LLC twenty-four (24) hour service hotline.
  4. TURN OFF the electrical breaker in damaged areas before removing any electrical devices especially from submerged or wet carpets.
  5. To prevent permanent staining, place an aluminum foil under the legs or base of any furniture touching the wet carpet or in contact with water.
  6. Lift or if possible, remove curtains away from wet carpets.
  7. Remove books, papers, fabrics, potted plants or other items that are able to stain wet carpet.


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Vacuums or companies that only have carpet drying equipment will not be able to prevent water from wicking up walls, under baseboards, and molding. Keep in mind that water will always penetrate through floor coverings and into subfloors, which will eventually cause damage to rooms below.
Controlling the humidity of the internal building is of extreme important. Undamaged objects could be ruined by absorbing the moisture from the air. Structures that are not dried out quickly enough will become a food source for mold, which could later cause more complex problems to your property.

Flood Pro Florida LLC Water Extraction Services

Our water damage restoration team is trained to dry the entire structure as quickly as possible by utilizing state of the art equipment.
We at Flood Pro Florida LLC assure our clients that all affected materials and surfaces are completely dried by using Moisture Meters. These locate invisible moisture which usually lurks behind walls and cabinets.



  1. Placing newspaper in affected areas to walk on.
    Most people have an instinct to place newspapers, thinking it would help in absorbing water. You must keep in mind that newspaper ink transfers easily to wet carpets. This can result in permanent staining.
  2. Walking on carpets more than necessary.
    Refrain from doing this. Walking on carpets more than necessary causes damage to spread to unaffected areas.
  3. Using your home vacuum.
    If you think that you can suck the water out from your rug, then you are one step away from jeopardizing your equipment. Electrical shocks can destroy your equipment since sockets tend to be damaged when your wall is affected by the flood.


We understand how important it is to act quickly and efficiently in the moment of an emergency. At any time such adversary happens, you can rely on Flood Pro Florida LLC to make the necessary remedies. Please do not hesitate to call our twenty-four (24) hotline service and we will provide you with the best solutions to your problems.